Rick moneymaker martial arts

Rick moneymaker martial arts

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Lex Lugerthe greatest specimen walking on Earth! Yumichika Ayasegawa, one of the very rare heroic examples because he may be a subversion. He certainly insists on presenting himself as such a person, but the reality is more complicated: Charlotte is used to lampshade this by genuinely being what Yumichika is pretending to be When they fight, Hilarity Ensuesfollowed by Mood Whiplash to reveal the truth about Yumichika. In the Invasion arc, the anime decides to play this trope straight for Yumichika by changing his Hidden Depths to something that's even more narcissistic than his public image.

The first time Yumichika meets his clonehe's struck by the terrible dilemma of not being able to fight - because he can't bring himself to attack 'such a beautiful me'.

On the other hand, his clone has no such qualms about the fight because he thinks the real Yumichika would look even more beautiful covered in blood He takes a HANDICAP in most fights to preserve his good looks; he has the ability to transform into a much stronger but much uglier form, but only does so when it's a choice between doing so or being killed. Cell after achieving his Perfect form - even more so in Kaiwhere he breaks the fourth wall to stroke his ego: I have achieved the perfect body!

Go ahead, admire it. Admit it, you know you're jealous. Mister X, assassin and enemy of Wolverine.

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Mister X may be more of an example of an evil Arrogant Kung-Fu Guysince he displays a great deal of bloodlust and desire to prove that he's the greatest fighter in the world, but little to no overt concern about his appearance.

Minor Superman foe Barrage, who wears Powered Armor but refuses to cover his face due to his vanity.

In Heroes And VillainsBuffy is a mild, female version of this, since the story is largely an exploration of what she would be like if her pre-Slayer personality remained in place after she gained her powers. General Esteem from The Immortal Gamewho's widely recognized as the greatest bladecaster in the world, and whose price for serving Titan was eternal youth.

And to really sell the point, the first scene to focus on him shows how much time he spends on getting his appearance just right. General-Admiral Makarovthe Big Bad of Shining Armor's side story in the Pony POV Serieswhile he cares more about his reputation and position than his appearance, still counts. To him, not knowing who he is is an offense punishable by either death or Fate Worse Than Death.

Beauty and the Beast: By the end, his massive ego has been greatly reduced. Kung Fu Panda 2the Big Bad Lord Shen. First clue is that he's a white peacock.

He's smug, calculating, looks down on everyone, and when he fights his movements are noticeably more graceful and elegant than the other kung-fu fighters. Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. William Tavington from The Patriot certainly seems to qualify. Count Dooku from the Star Wars series has a lot of characteristics of this trope: To his credit, he is a very skilled duelist, although this backfires on him a couple of times - notably, thinking he was so awesome he could go up against Yoda and win, or that he could troll Anakin Skywalker into a rage and think that could end any way except badly.

In the Travis McGee novel The Green RipperTravis mentions one of his opponents always seems to be a bit too much "posing for the non-existent camera". It's just about this guy's only flawas he is a really good combat fighter. Lestat de Lioncourt from Interview with the Vampire.

China Sorrows from Skulduggery Pleasant. Sasaki Kojiro from Musashi is both this and an Arrogant Kenjutsu Guy.

The Fighting Narcissist - TV Tropes

The main antagonist from Dean Koontz 's The Good Guy. He has such an obsession with mirrors and his own superiority to anyone in this world that he believes he's actually a native of some alternate mirror-world. Guan Yu in Romance of the Three Kingdoms increasingly becomes one as the story progresses, to the point that he is contemptuous of pretty much every opponent he faces.

This hubris is what eventually brings him down. Subverted by the historical Guan Yu. While he was every bit as arrogant, he was also horrendously incompetent. As an administrator in Jing, he was so loathsome that many of his subordinates betrayed him the moment the Wu army showed up and almost all his military accomplishments are fictional.

Jaume of The Dinosaur Lords has shades of this. He's an excellent cavalry commander and he knows ithe's a Chick Magnet and he knows itand he choses his Companions based on appearance as much forex polska platforma skill.

Lord Flashheart from Blackadder. The original Narcissist of wrestling might have been "Natural Guy" Buddy Rogerswhich, at the time was not so much its own gimmick as it was a subversion of the original Gorgeous Georgereal name My total money makeover gazelle budget Wagner. Buddy looked and acted similar but instead of any suggestions toward homosexuality he incited audiences with his obliviously inflated ego, such as his insistence his bleached head was naturally that way.

Buddy would later become the "Nature Boy" then be succeeded by Ric Flair who added on claims of having a ludicrous fortune and lady killing record, further distancing himself from both Gorgeous George and the more recent narcissist gimmick.

Rick "The Model" Martel. Aside from being a model, 100 welcome bonus forex broker 2014 schtick was that he had his own signature brand of perfume, 'Arrogance', which he'd spray into his opponents' faces.

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Billy Gunn during his "Mr. Ass" gimmick, his tights often being transparent in the rear so everyone could see how perfect it was. If not, he was liable to moon the crowd. Rush slowly basics of binary options predictor into narcissism after his victory in the advanced class of CMLL 's body building competition, which culminated in the fans turning on the self proclaimed tecnico after he challenged and defeated light heavyweight champion Ephesto, holding the belt of a weight class he was technically above.

Irish wrestling has the team of Rough Stuff - a pair of vain oiled up Adonises that love to flex and booty-pop in the audiences' faces. Combine narcissism, delusion and patriotic fervor and you have Shanna, Portugal's Perfect Athlete. Towards the end of his career, Hector Garza started doing this. How to buy things with stolen credit card numbers come out to the ring in long tights and a skintight long sleeve shirt, then at various points in the match dramatically remove them.

In Mexico, he was a face while doing this, and he would regularly get cheap shotted by the heels.

The Action Movie Bad Ass: The Most Popular Action Movie Actors

Tyler Breeze of NXTwho calls himself "Prince Pretty" and "Mmm, Gorgeous". He struts like a runway model and takes pictures of himself before every match. His cell phone is his most buy berkshire hathaway stock split price possession, as it houses all those photos. This became The Miz 's new Heel angle after he returned to WWE in The idea is that he thinks he's a much bigger celebrity than he is due to having starred in some movies produced by WWEand attributes this celebrity mostly to his handsome, handsome face.

He calls it his "moneymaker" and during matches he's scared to death of any harm coming to it. Caprice How much money can you make selling weed, the man with the style, the grace, the shape and still, after all these yearsthe pretty face.

Face of an angel, body of a rick moneymaker martial arts, why you've overlooked him? This is the hat of Slaanesh-worshipping Space Marines in Warhammer 40, Since Slaanesh is the god of pleasure, exhilaration, aesthetics and narcissism, the typical skew of his cultists are sex, drugs and rock n' roll.

rick moneymaker martial arts

Sexless genetically engineered super soldiers don't do sex so either they have to load up on the drugs and rock n' roll and seem very un-soldierish, or they become the pinnacle of the Fighting Narcissist. Meanwhile, there's Slaanesh's favorite champion in stock markets biggest losers WarhammerPrince Sigvald the Magnificent. He wears golden armour and carries a stylish rapier rather than the customary giant spiky axe of Chaos.

All his warriors carry mirrored shields so that he can admire himself while fighting, he suffers from the 'stupidity' rule because of his tendency to sit there and preen in the middle of the battlefield Many Toreador vampires in the Old World of Darkness subscribe to this trope. Yes, they're artists and often dilettantes. They also have access to Celerity. Likewise, the Lasombra are an aristocratic and regal clan They're said to keep ghouls around mainly to make sure their appearance is immaculate, and punish anyone who leaves a hair out of place.

They've also got access to Potence and Obtenebrationwhich means those punishments are gonna hurt. On a side note, they tend to fill their homes with portraits of themselves; general clan opinion is that sitting for one portrait per century is acceptable, but more than that is just vanity.

Many Nosferatu resent beauty and take perverse pleasure in destroying it. These vampires were usually but not always cruel and exceedingly vain in life, making the Embrace something of an Ironic Hell or a Fate Worse Than Death for them. As a result, many "Cleopatras" attempt to learn the Obfuscate abilty Mask of a Thousand Faces as soon as possible in an attempt to resume their old ways. Tybalt, the "Prince of Cats", from Romeo and Juliet is probably the Ur-Example.

He is a saucy boy! A rare good guy example and VERY MUCH unambiguously a good guy is Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat. Yeah, he's full of himself, cocky and arrogant, but he really is THAT good a fighter, and he's possibly the game's most moral, selfless hero. Other heroes in the franchise fight for good out of duty or because it's their job, but Cage does it because it's right.

Sergei, one of the Seven Deities from Asura's Wrath. He doesn't get too much screen-time and still manages to work "beauty" into half of his lines. Flea, of Chrono Trigger fame, is a tad more mystically inclined than the standard example but he has a quote which embodies the whole fighting narcissist philosophy: You'll find the supple skin of my arms tougher than any armor.

Doesn't their shape just leave you Such a pure form! Such an exquisite physique! Yes, I've pretty much got it all. Though there is one teensy, tiny thing I lack The first to stop clapping shall be executed. How can you be in love with yourself? You're the most vain person that I've ever met. How can you be so narcissistic? Perfecting one's outward image projects confidence and inner beauty. And people will always prefer someone clean and neat over a nasty slob.

In the Unlimited Blade Works route, he passes over a perfect opportunity to kill all the main characters in one fell swoop because part of the house they were fighting in was on fire, and it was getting soot on his clothing.

Later in the story, he even abandons several of his unique one-of-a-kind super weapons from his Hyperspace Arsenalbecause they had been used to attack an ugly Eldritch Abomination and had gotten muddy and slimy as a result. Ansom falls somewhere between here and Knight in Shining Armorbut this is what Jillian hangs a subtle lampshade on in the last panel here.

Harmon the Handsome, the most dreaded Space Pirate of the Runners 'verse. Played for Laughs when he gets a tiny scratch on his face. Tahno from The Legend of Korralike you wouldn't believe. Bugs Bunny briefly serves as mascot for a Gorgeous George -style wrestler named "Ravishing Ronald" in " Bunny Hugged ". Ronald lasts about five seconds against his opponent, "The Crusher. Courage the Cowardly Dog 's Bayou loves himself so much, he makes his slave slugs stuff shed skins of himself.

His most used word is "me" and variations of it. He's SO vain, that even when his stuffed shed skins attack him, he cannot bring himself to attack them.

Invoked on an episode of The Simpsons where Bart, Homer, and their friends criticize a boxer on TV who kisses his muscles. Also invoked by Grandpa Simpson's old wrestling persona, Gorgeous Godfrey of which Mr. Burns is a fan. Sunstreaker, from Transformers G1is a cross between this and combat addict. He's a ferocious fighter whether or not you're on his side pretty much the only person he actively seems to like is his twin Sideswipe, and even then they bickerand Primus help you if you scratch his paint.

Oddly enough, he's one of the good guys. Sky Lynx for the same series is, if anything, even worse. He's also one of the good guys. Knock Out from Transformers Prime is a vain, sadistic pretty-boy of a Decepticon who once managed to get the drop on Optimus Prime. Like Sunstreaker, he's very sensitive about his paint job. A significantly less evil example would be David Beckham who is good looking, takes great pride in his appearance and is a professional footballer.

Ancient Celtic warriors had shades of this, they wore flashy jewellery, carried exquisitely crafted weapons and shields, and even bleached and styled their hair. The Cavaliers during the English civil war were renowned for being vainglorious but affablehedonistic, and very well-dressed.

Gaius Julius Caesar was extremely vain about his appearance, a world-class fighter and habitual womaniser. Alexander the Great was fabulous in terms of dress sense, thought himself the son of Zeus and we all know what a great fighter he was.

Joachim Murat was noted as a dandy and was also possibly homosexual, also known for his extravagant clothes and his Famous Last Wordsdirected to the firing squad at his execution: Straight to the heart beat but spare the face.

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