Java stock market example

Java stock market example

Posted: maltsev Date: 23.05.2017

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Does someone know where I can find a Java API dealing with pattern recognition for the financial market? Have you seen Weka API? It's data mining program written in Java for finding some patterns in your data: I looked at doing this once at a hedge fund to take advantage of technical traders. There were not good sets of training data available to train classifiers.

Java Program to Read Stock Quote

There are no libraries that I know of that do this. I would recommend using actual pattern recognition, for instance mean reverting strategies. - Make Your Own Stock Market: A simple stock market simulator Java code example - Click here to copy ->>>

For a starter paper on statistical arbitrage see this paper. The difficulty with technical analysis patterns is that for anything sophisticated it can be difficult to build a set of features that allow the different patterns to be recognized differentiated.

Most patterns have visual and not mathematical definitions. If you can come up with an algorithm to find a particular pattern then you will be in good shape, although it will not be easy. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

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java stock market example

Join the Stack Overflow Community. Stack Overflow is java stock market example community of 7. Join them; it only takes a minute: Java pattern recognition API for stock market Ask Question. BlackLabrador 3 Google for "vodoo technical analysis", you'll find lots of useful libraries. Thanks, did that but torrent binary options strategy for videos not find anything relevant What do you mean by pattern recognition?

Do you mean something like a classifier for a head and shoulders pattern? More specifics would be great. Hi Steeve, yes exactly that kind of stuff, dead cat bouncing, head and shoulder, cross etc Thanks for you answer.


I did have a look to weka but it seemed to me at that time that it was quite complicated and too generic compared to what I aiming to do and the very specific nature of the programm. But I will revisit the subject.

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