Nagios event_broker_options

Nagios event_broker_options

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In fact, since we are using Nconf and Make-livestatus to interact with Nagios — Response times have been fantastic. If you wish to contribute ideas or time to the image, Please leave me a comment below or feel free to E-mail me directly via my Contac t page.

You can download v2. When you are prompted again to configure DB via dbconfig — select yes. Install NRPE plugin optional. Most of this install is going to be just clicking the next button. However you will need to make one important change on Step 2 of the install process.

This change has been highlighted in the screenshot below. Create the needed folders for our Nagios config files and set the appropriate permissions:. This will be our last step before we start installing Nagvis. Here we want to set the proper permissions for Nagvis to be able to access our Live. Here are the 4 major prompts you will want to keep an eye on…. If you are getting IPv6 disabled messages every time you try to send a test email, You can force postfix to use ipv4 to avoid getting these spammy messages.

At this point you should be able to successfully send e-mail via postfix. Next we will want to make sure that Nagios can send successful notifications as well. The first thing we will need to do, Is fix the mail path command used by Nconf. That really should be all it takes. Each major cell phone carrier is able to translate an e-mail to an SMS message when given the proper format from a trusted source.

Now all we need to do is create an external user in Active Directory for each person that needs to be notified via SMS, using the following E-mail formats. You then add each team member to a Distribution group — and Setup Alerts to be sent to that distribution group, just as you would send out an e-mail Alert.

Basically what we are doing by setting memsplit to a value of 16is telling the raspberry Pi that we are operating a headless unit here. Get a approved Class 10 SD card. Un-install any additional software.

Nagios FAN — A Beginners Guide EveryDay-Tech. Ryan, Is it possible to install Thruk on your NagiosPI? Your assembly is completely satisfied me in everything, but I would like to install Thruk, because of the possibility of generating graphs with it.

I would be very grateful if you could help me with the installation Thruk? Good luck with the project! How is your project? Do you have the spare time? Could you help me with the installation Thruk on your Nagios P? Thruk install from source documentation can be found here: HI Ryan — great idea well done! I was going to build the same stack onto my Pi but then spotted your efforts here already…. What size sd card are u using? Did u expand filesystem? Hi, Just got the same problem.

Did this several times always with same results. Peter — did you ever solve this? Looking to revisit the project with the new quad core Pi release!! Any chance of image without the medium settings? My NagiosPi does not appear to be sending notifications? If you need help setting up email client on RasPii would recommend SSMTP instead of Postfix. You can find more info about the setting up the same on technology-portal. I just installed the image, plugged it in, and boom.

But, what is the default password for RaspControl?

Dave Josephsen - Stop Being Lazy And Write An Event Broker Module Already - NWCNA 2012

Got error at copy collector config and copy global config. Fixed it with this: Not sure if this is even still monitored. I do hope so though. Getting a couple of errors when trying to deploy my config.

So just to mention I never used the image. I put raspbian on my Pi v2 new one Just followed your steps as mentioned above. Everything installs fine just this one error. I followed everything as mentioned step by step. I had that issue from copying and pasting from the step-by-step. Installing nconf, part of step 8 — This has to be 2 lines but is only shown as one line above.

Here is the Nconf FAQ where the prupose a fix for this error: Just to go a bit further on this it looks like that even though this error exists. It israel forex rates deploys the configuration file.

I can auto trade binary options terminal my hosts I have added and all looks to be working fine.

I just need to manually restart nagios myself.

pnpverify_pnp_config [PNP4Nagios Docs]

Very new at Nagios. Here what is the grant date of a stock option the details from NConf when I try to add a monitored windows host:.

I finally realised that this should be split into 3 lines … I did think it was odd to have what appeared to be a comment having real live config data in it but that sort of thing does occasionally happen. Can you help me with this?

nagios event_broker_options

I set up your image on my raspberry. So far everything work except the link between nagvis and nagios. Just found this…Looks like a promising fix: Setting this up was dead simple. But I have a issue with notifications.

NagiosPi try to send notifications to a contact that no longer exists nagios event_broker_options nagiosPi as he did not send to the contacts I have created!

So I feel that there is a big issue here …. I have just downloaded and configured NasiosPi and its brilliant. I am however having a few issues when adding new hosts to it. When i click on the Generate Naigos Config i get the following error Deployment not possible due to errors in configuration. However, I have been through the install process 3 times now and still get the same issue, being unable to access nconf via the browser. I get the following message.

Would appear at 1st glance to be an apache issue but could be wrong. There were no errors in the install my total money makeover gazelle budget. Ok, I tried something else tonight.

It appears that Apache does not recognise the url http: Sure enough, I am now able to browse to http: So has something changed in this version of the R-Pi OS i. Or have I missed something? Hi, thanks for the good work! I am following this guide with a RasPi 2 and Jessie. Everything worked out great except the last point for nagvis. Am I missing something? Any chance of a new release using the Raspbian Jessie as the base system?

Where does this nagios bundle write its collected events? Just got a rainbow screen on startup. Great image and working really well for me; just wondered though as someone else has asked, if you plan to update it to v4 at all? I run your distribution with around 30 hosts in a mixed environment.

Its a real beauty and a performer aswell. For above to happen i have had to add advanced services and commands due to the relying of the nconf. In other setups where i dont use nconf it would another way to do it. Win win strategy for the binary options option do run other nagios servers both Virtualized and physical servers versioning from and your appliance rocks so much!

I decided to configure from scratch, one thing is my default apache webroot on my copy of raspbian is: It needs to foreign exchange rate icici bank the nagios binary, so I soft-linked the binary to the location it was trying to execute, to fix:. Hello, I am trying this image on a RPi 3 and if I power it up, it freezes at the colored splash screen.

Is there a problem with this kernel and RPi 3? Thank you very much for your quick reply. Unfortunately I dont have a v2 pi. So is there a chance in the near future that this image will be updated for v3? I strongly feel that it has always been a necessary addition to NagiosPi and NEMS was able to deliver what is essentially an updated and improved version protective collar option strategy NagiosPi.

No reason not to start using NEMS for the time being. Kind words, thanks man. So I consider it more of a continuation than a replacement. It has a lot of your love and hard work in it. Just a note that NEMS 1. Thank you for all you did with nagiospi. NEMS is found at http: Are these improvements just something on your own Pi? Or are you now running NEMS yourself? Would love to have you over on the NEMS site making suggestions in the comments. I take suggestions very seriously and do a lot of work making things operate the way the community would like.

Your collaboration would be quite welcome. Since you basically built the original foundation of NEMS, if you are going to contribute moving forward I think it would be right come up with an official designation for you.

Let me know your thoughts. Took roughly 30 minutes for the whole process and it worked like a well oiled machine!

Thank you for the hard work you put into this image it has been a LIFESAVER! Any chance you can point me in the right direction? Menu Home Recommendations Topics All Things Online Gaming Hardware Just For Fun Linux IT For Business Mobile Showbox Windows Bonus Content! About The Author My WordPress TimeLine Write For EveryDay-Tech! HardwareIT For BusinessLinux. Prev Article Next Article. Contents 1 Download NagiosPi: Set HostName NagiosPi in this image.

Set OverClock Meduim in this image. Then Set the required permissions: Make the Install script Executable. Then set memsplit to Thanks so much for NagiosPi! You have not looked Thruk? Does it happen to include in your NagiosPI?

Re-image, it should at least boot. Did you solve this? I have same problem!! Yes — NagiosPi has been updated to work with the newer models of the RaspberryPi. Hi Ryan this seems just what i am after as i was looking to install nagios onto my raspberry pi to monitor networked printers at work. Hi Ryan, This look great! Hi Ryan, My NagiosPi does not appear to be sending notifications? Are you sending e-mails internally or externally? If it is the latter, It will require some additional configuration.

Hi, If you need help setting up email client on RasPii would recommend SSMTP instead of Postfix. Also, what is the default password for NagVis? Thanks for sharing PietejeNL! This fix has been rolled into the latest update. Can you share the steps you took to create that error so I can troubleshoot? I can confirm the solution for this error.

NagiosPi - Server Monitoring With The Power of Pi |

Just made the changes as mentioned and trying now. Ok that seemed to have fixed the initial error. Now I have this error. Thanks for the tutorial and help.

I have an issue deploying the config: Here are the details from NConf when I try to add a monitored windows host: Any help is appreciated.

Hi Ryan, i have the same error, can you help me? Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to do this. I have been working through them but was having a problem with this step.

Can U Please post the solution you found. I Got the same problem. Thank you in advance. Can you upgrade nagiospi from version 1. Are you using nagios or nagios3? Hello Ryan Sorry for my english, it is not my nativ language. Thanks for your post it has been more than helpful I set up your image on my raspberry. When i try to add an host i get: Here is the fix: Thanks for the answer.

Lot of great stuff on your website. Good Afternoon All, I have just downloaded and configured NasiosPi and its brilliant. Hi, A great article. Gone through udate and upgrade. For who with problems to add nconf to apache2, just do this BEFORE nconf configuration item 2: Hi Ryan, this looks like just what I was looking for to start experimenting with nagios!

Any plans in updating the core to 4?

Does anyone know the easiest way to update to v2. Best regards from Denmark. Cannot run the mandatory syntax check.

It needs to run the nagios binary, so I soft-linked the binary to the location it was trying to execute, to fix: Look forward to it. Will definitely download a copy on Sunday! Thanks for the update Robbie! I think i cut over to NEMS 1. PS — If you like the UI of NEMS 1. September 1, 0. August 28, 0. Download the latest Cartoon HD App Here! August 24, 0. August 23, 0. August 11, 0. August 10, 1.

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